transfer my GolfLink details

I’m a member of another social club/golf club which isn’t half as awesome as Future Golf. Is it possible to transfer my GolfLink details directly across, or will I have to go through the process of handing in 3 cards again?


When you join Future Golf and select a membership with Handicap, it will ask if you have ever had a handicap before and what was your previous Golflink number.

Once this is provided we can grab your previous handicap and history so you can view your previous rounds.

The other benefit is you don't need to submit 3 cards to reactivate your handicap.

Please note that when you sign up to Future Golf and choose Future Golf to manage your handicap you will receive a new Golflink card in the mail and a new Golflink handicap number and remember this new number will still include your previous handicap history. The only thing that changes is your Golflink number.

We understand handicaps are a bit confusing, if you have any issues you can email and we will help you out.

P.S It generally only takes us 24-48 hours to set this up for you (most of the time it's even quicker).

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