Social Conforming Scorecards

Social Conforming Scorecards

As part of your Future Golf membership, members are able to submit unlimited Social Conforming Scorecards (CSS) towards their handicap.


In our portal, select the course you're going to play and when you are going to play.


Go out and play your round of golf with someone who has a GOLF Link number.


Go out and play your round of golf with someone who has a GOLF Link number.

Each scorecard needs to show...

Course Info

Course, tee box, par, scratch, slope & hole index.

Player info

Player & marker name, GOLF Link numbers.

Round info

Date, hole scores, stableford points, etc.

Sign off

Player and marker signature.

General Questions

Why would I want to submit Social Conforming Scorecards?

Traditionally golfers had to play within a competition to submit scores towards their handicap.

However, it’s not always convenient to play in club sanctioned competitions – so that’s when you submit a Social Conforming Scorecard to ensure your handicap is kept up to date.

Can I submit a CSS for initial handicapping?

Yes, you can!

As long as two players have active GOLF Link numbers – scorecards can be submitted towards your handicap. (even if it’s an initial scorecard).

Do both players have to submit their card?

No. Only one player can choose to submit their scorecard towards their handicap. However, both players must have an active GOLF Link number to sign the scorecard.

Do I need to pre-nominate by social round?

Yes. All Conforming Social Scorecards must be pre-nominated with intention of play. This is to ensure authenticity of all submitted rounds.

What happens if I don’t play a pre-nominated social round?

You have up until the date of intended play to cancel your pre-nomination via our web portal with no penalty.

What format do I use to score?

All Social Conforming Scorecards are scored using stableford point system.

How long does it take to process?

Social Conforming Scorecards are manually audited by a Future Golf team member, we do our best to submit all scorecards within 24 hours (currently less than 14 hours!)