Future Golf is for everybody!

Whether you’re someone who has never touched a club, or someone who sleeps with theirs (weirdo), we want you to be part of Australia’s greatest golf community!

Flexibility and accessibility are not traditionally words you hear associated with golf, but at Future Golf we give you a huge range of perks to use as you like with access to the best golf courses in the country and for the most ridiculous bang-for buck out there!

But perhaps the best part of all is that we have a strict legends-only policy so you’re going to have a heap of fun with great people in a relaxed and non-judgmental (seriously? You sleep with your clubs?!) environment.

We’ve surveyed golfers and non-golfers to learn what people want and what is holding people back from trying a sport that has been loved since the 15th century. As a result we offer several tiers of membership, so regardless of how much time, money, skill or desire you have to play, we have something just for you!

“I have been a member of clubs for a while. I have always loved golf and joined to play more courses, which Future Golf has allowed me to do”

Paul, Victoria
Member since 2018