Eynesbury Golf Club (VIC)

All of the holes at Eynesbury have been strategically designed to allow for the greatest variance of prevailing weather conditions and to accommodate the widest range of golfing abilities.

The fairways are generous and inviting targets however positional play from the tees will always be handsomely rewarded by providing the best angle of attack to the greens. In most instances the approaches to the greens are receptive to a ball being played low to the ground and for the creative shot maker this will prove to be a bonus when the wind is whipping across the open farm lands. The open creeks traversing a number of the holes and the water bodies on the 10th, 14th and 18th bring the risk reward factor aspect of the game to the forefront but always allow for alternative options if the player should feel inclined to take a safer way to the target.
Course Facts

487 Eynesbury Road, Eynesbury VIC 3338, Australia



Pro Shop

(03) 9971 0403


(03) 9971 0403

Future Golf Rewards Terms

1 x free midweek round
Not available public holidays

$49 weekday (includes free cart)
$65 weekend (includes free cart)

Access to Eynesbury's weekly super comp (Minimum $100 Prize)