21 December 2023

A Year of Unprecedented Growth and Community Engagement

In a year of remarkable growth and innovation, Future Golf is proud to reflect on its achievements in 2023. With a growing community of enthusiasts and a host of new initiatives, Future Golf has strengthened its position as the ultimate golf membership.

Membership Growth and Engagement

There has been a remarkable increase in membership over 2023, growing to over 16,000 members. This growth is indicative of Future Golf’s commitment to providing an inclusive and engaging avenue for golf enthusiasts. An impressive 72% of members graduated to playing on a golf course for the first time since joining.

Record-Breaking Events

The year was packed with celebrated golfing events, totaling 233 across Australia. These events witnessed a collective attendance of over 11,650 people! Each event was thoughtfully planned to cater to the diverse preferences of our members, ranging from casual meet-ups to competitive tournaments.

Expansion of Partner Courses

A key milestone in 2023 was the expansion of our partner course network. We are proud to announce that our partnerships now extend to 131 golf courses nationwide. The new additions include 15 in VIC, 9 in NSW, 2 in QLD, and 8 in SA. Some noteworthy new prestige partners include Glenelg (SA), The Grange (SA), Heritage (Vic), The Eastern (Vic) and Monash (NSW). This expansion not only offers our members a wider range of courses to enjoy, but also strengthens our offering within the golfing community. 

Transition to Traditional Golf Clubs

We’re incredibly proud to announce that close to 2,000 of our players have transitioned to memberships at partner golf courses. This transition is a core aspect of our partnership model, and demonstrates the tangible benefits of being part of the Future Golf community. A whopping 7,300 members have now successfully transitioned to partner golf courses. This equates to an impressive $73M that has been generated for partner courses by Future Golf.

Innovative Commercial Partnerships

This year marked the beginning of new and exciting partnerships. Our collaboration with 2K Games brought exclusive offers and opportunities to our members, enhancing their gaming and golfing experiences. We also partnered with The No.1 Sporting Coaching Platform, Skillest, which provided members with expert coaching and insights to improve their game.

Future Golf introduced Melbourne’s first Stadium Golf experience at Marvel Stadium. This three week event was a huge hit, welcoming over 4500 guests who hit over 85,000 golf balls! We even saw 15 holes in one. We’re excited to bring an even bigger and better experience back next year.

Future Golf has also strengthened its partnership with X-Golf in 2023, a leader in indoor golf simulators, providing members with exclusive benefits across 21 locations nationwide.

The Future Golf App

Launched in late 2022, the app has become an integral part of our members’ golfing experience. With features like handicap tracking, tee time availability, and exclusive offers, the app has been embraced by over 90% of our members. It serves as a convenient hub for all golf-related needs and will continue to grow in 2024.

Clubhouse Membership Launch

In our quest to make golf more accessible, we introduced the ‘Clubhouse’ – a free membership tier within the Future Golf app. Clubhouse members enjoy perks including exclusive partner deals, event invites, and a daily handicap calculator. This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to make the sport more inclusive and accessible for everyone, Clubhouse has now surpassed 700 members on this free community membership.

Community and Cultural Impact

Future Golf’s impact extends beyond the golf course. Our commitment to supporting the next generation of golfing greats continues as partners of 29th Victorian Junior Masters at Churchill-Waverley. We were also the partner of the 2023 Vic PGA at Moonah Links.

Future Golf is committed to fostering a sense of community among golfers, encouraging networking and friendships. Our events and platforms have become a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, united by their love for golf.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on a successful year, we are excited for what the future holds. With plans to further expand our course network, introduce more innovative partnerships, and enhance our app’s features, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience for our members.

“Future Golf solidified in 2023 that we’re a one-stop shop for golfers in Australia and we look forward to further developing our offering for both members and partners across the country.” said Founder and CEO Ali Terai. “We’ve seen some fantastic additions from new partner courses, new commercial partners, tech features and we launched our new Clubhouse membership to ensure we’re offering amazing value across the board and playing a key role in growing the sport.”

Future Golf stands at the forefront of revolutionising the golfing experience in Australia. Our commitment to our members and the sport is unwavering. We look forward to continuing our journey of growth, innovation, and community building.