27 August 2019




We recently surveyed 3000 potential golfers and these are the top 4 issues holding people back.


1.  I don’t have anyone to play with.

(51% of respondents)

Future Golf has over 3000 like minded members so you will always have someone to play with at either one of our awesome golf events, golf trips or via a social round organised on our private members lounge.

“Before joining Future Golf I had no one to play golf with, now I have over 20 people who can genuinely call a mate who are always up for a hit” – Michael (Member since 2014)

2.  Golf is too expensive

(36% of respondents)

A Future Golf membership is Australia’s most flexible and value packed membership in golf. It’s designed so members can play their way.

A Future Golf membership includes:

  • FREE rounds of golf at our partner courses.
  • An official Golf Australia handicap as well as Golflink access.
  • Access to golf to over 150 golf events.
  • A likeminded community of golfers.
  • FREE golf lesson
  • FREE X-Golf
  • Amazing course discounts at our partner courses.
  • + heaps more

We have flexible memberships starting at only $24.95 per month.

“I was on the fence, then me and a few mates realised that even if we only use a few of the free rounds, we’ll more than break even – it’s a not brainer” – Pete (Member since 2016)

Video overview from our Founder and CEO – Ali Terai

 3. I’m new to golf / worried about my ability

(25% of respondents)

Our golf pathway provides membership options for golfers of all abilities from ‘beginner to addict’. We pride ourselves on growing the game of golf by introducing new people to the sport.  Memberships include features like a free golf lesson and access to facilities like X-golf where you can improve your game.

Our team and members are also here to help you learn the game. We don’t take our golf or ourselves too seriously. It’s all about having fun, meeting people, improving our health and developing a skill.

“When I first joined Future Golf 3 years ago I was a beginner and scoring 120 for 18 holes, now I’m addicted, I play off a handicap of 3.4 and play at least twice a week!” – Nathan (Member since 2015)

4.  Golf makes me feel intimidated or unwelcome

(17% of respondents)

We pride ourselves on being friendly, relaxed and inclusive to anyone who wants to play golf in a fun environment. We go out of our way to make sure all our new members are embraced by our golfing community!

“Thanks guys, I was nervous about joining but I haven’t regretted the decision since clicking confirm”
– Aaron (Member since 2018)

You can join Future Golf by clicking HERE –