27 November 2023

Future Golf Announces Partnership with Belgravia Leisure 🤝

Future Golf, Australia’s largest golf club community, is excited to unveil its strengthened partnership with Belgravia Leisure, a well-established name in the leisure industry. This partnership expands access to exceptional golf courses through the Future Golf offering, including:

  • Dingley and Yarrambat Goanna Golf Mini Golf
  • Glanville Golf Course
  • Spring Park Golf Course
  • Valley View Golf Course
  • Geelong Golf Course
  • Goanna Golf Mini Golf

Belgravia Leisure, originally known as Austgolf Management since 1975, is a trusted operator of golf courses, mini golf, driving ranges, and hospitality venues. They promote golf as an inclusive sport for all, regardless of physical ability, financial capacity, gender, or cultural background, offering various programs to encourage participation. With over 230 leisure venues under their management in Australia and New Zealand, Belgravia Leisure is a leading provider of sports and leisure programs. Both Belgravia Leisure and Future Golf share a commitment to making golf more accessible and appealing to a diverse range of enthusiasts

Jack McDonald, National Golf Programs Manager at Belgravia Leisure, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership “Belgravia Leisure is truly excited to welcome Future Golf members into our golf facilities. We are looking forward to offering terrific value and events for Future Golf’s growing membership base.”

“Future Golf is committed to reshaping the golfing experience, making it more accessible and appealing to a broad spectrum of golf enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned players,” said Brenton Humphreys, Chief Operating Officer at Future Golf. “This partnership with Belgravia Leisure underscores Future Golf’s dedication to continue growing the golf industry and building a vibrant golfing community in Australia.”