14 May 2020

FGTV: Karrie Webb w/ Ali Terai

Arguably Australia’s greatest ever golfer Karrie Webb sat down for an in depth chat Future Golf Founder, Ali Terai. Speaking about her first win, mental strength vs talent, reliving some of her greatest golfing moments and much more. Watch the full interview with Karrie Webb below.

  • Early days – getting into golf
  • Borrowing $200 to turn pro
  • First professional tournament and win
  • The mindset of a champion – 53 wins and 7 majors
  • Biggest challenges and lessons learnt
  • 2006 Major Win
  • Most impactful lessons learnt from coach Kelvin Hellar
  • Hall of fame – youngest inductee at the time
  • Mentoring young golfers and scholarship – relationship with Hannah Green and young Australian stars
  • Role with Golf Australia and Vision 2025
  • Where the game is heading and what it needs to survive
  • Increasing golf participation for non-traditional golfers
  • Thoughts on Future Golf
  • Design career with PerrettWebb Golf