21 August 2019

The Future Golf Pathway continues to support traditional clubs


Most companies don’t like sharing stories of when they lose a customer. At Future Golf, we’re a little bit different and we genuinely celebrate when a member of ours joins a traditional membership at a partner club.

At the moment an average over 20 Future Golf members are joining a partner club every week, the best part is many of our members continue to maintain both their Future Golf and traditional club membership, which is great for the industry as a larger number of bricks and mortar golf facilities get supported.

Now for some numbers, If we conservatively assume the average young member will stay at their new club for 3 years and annual membership fee is $2000, at 20 members a week this results in $120,000 of lifetime value that is being directly injected into traditional clubs and the golf industry from just this channel. This doesn’t even include the social rounds, golf events, guest passes, referrals, lessons, food & beverage and pro-shop.

The best part about it, is these are younger members who are mostly aged 25-39 years old, who’ve never been part of club or are returning to golf. Which means our partner clubs aren’t poaching members from other traditional clubs, these are golfers who are new or re-entering the ecosystem.

Here is a message we received yesterday from Michael Walsh who recently joined Yarra Yarra, he’s is one of 7 number of members who’s joined Yarra Yarra over the past 12 months.

“I’d like to thank you and the Future Golf team for making the experience so positive. Future Golf was the perfect way for me to start playing golf again, to get to know other golfers, and to play some different courses around Melbourne. Despite playing regularly as a junior, I joined Future Golf after several years of not playing at all. Future Golf provides a much needed pathway for people like myself to start playing again, rediscover their love for the game, and go from only playing once or twice a year to being a full time member of a club playing every week. With golf struggling to attract new players globally, it’s great to see Future Golf offer an alternative to the traditional model, providing a flexible and approachable option for new and returning golfers. Keep up the great work, and I’ll try and join a few Future Golf events as a guest in the future.”

The thing we love the most about our model is that it’s having a meaningful impact on the future sustainability of golf at all levels. Our model is also nurturing the next generation of leaders in our sport, who will carry the torch and continue the the great work done by our past presidents, club captains, boards, committees, staff and members who have built the amazing clubs and course that we’re privileged to play.

We want to ensure that legacy of Australian Golf and our industry is thriving at all levels.

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