21 March 2024

Future Golf and Moonah Links Extend Partnership for a Four-Year Term

Future Golf and Moonah Links Extend Partnership for a Four-Year Term

Future Golf, the leading golf membership platform in Australia, is excited to announce the extension and expansion of its longstanding partnership with Moonah Links, located on the famous Mornington Peninsula of Victoria. 

The renewed agreement spans a significant four-year period until at least the end of 2027, solidifying the commitment of both organisations to providing unparalleled access to high quality golf experiences for Future Golf members.

This extension marks a continuation of a fruitful collaboration between Future Golf and Moonah Links, highlighting the enduring nature of their relationship as key stakeholders in the golfing community. As a testament to their dedication to fostering a vibrant golfing culture, the extended partnership includes several noteworthy enhancements:

Increased Member Access: Future Golf members now enjoy 7-day access to redeem membership tee times at Moonah Links, providing greater flexibility for their golfing experience (note: Social level members mid-week only).

Cross-Course Access: All Future Golf members can play both the Legends and Open courses each membership year.

Vic PGA Event Sponsorship: Future Golf commits to a three-year sponsorship of the Vic PGA event, contributing to the growth of professional golf in the region.

Annual Golf Development Fund: Future Golf and Moonah Links will make an annual contribution to a golf development fund, supporting club initiatives and grassroots talent development.

This extended partnership solidifies Future Golf and Moonah Links’ commitment to providing outstanding golf experiences and fostering the growth of the sport in one of the great golfing regions of Australia.

Brenton Humphreys, Chief Operating Officer of Future Golf stated ‘Moonah Links is one of the great public access golf courses of Australia and has been a foundation partner of Future Golf since the very early days. We are delighted to be extending and expanding on this valuable partnership, to drive more people to play more golf for the next 4 years – at the stunning Moonah Links!’

Brownyn Robbins, Assistant General Manager of Moonah Links added “at Moonah Links, we are delighted to announce the extension of our partnership, a testament to our shared values of excellence and innovation. Together with Future Golf, we are committed to enhancing the golfing experience, fostering a sense of community, and paving the way for a bright future in the world of golf. Here’s to continued success and memorable moments on the fairways ahead for Future Golf members at Moonah Links.”