19 January 2024

Future Golf Introduce RDO Golf Events for 2024

Future Golf is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation – the RDO Golf Events. This series of team gatherings, exclusively tailored for RDOs throughout 2024, offers a unique opportunity to trade in the tools for golf clubs and revel in the joy of the game at a new timeslot.

Catering to both seasoned golfers and those looking to explore the sport, the RDO Golf Events invite individuals to register as single players. Future Golf will pair participants up for a day of memorable moments on the greens.

Set against the backdrop of partner courses, these events promise a unique golfing experience and a must-attend throughout the calendar. From lush fairways to challenging bunkers, participants will have the chance to engage with the game on some of the finest golfing destinations.

However, the RDO Golf Events aren’t merely about the competition. The allure of these events extends beyond the game itself, with participants vying for partner prizes ranging from top-tier golf gear to exclusive golfing experiences.

January’s first event had an overwhelming response to sell out within hours, early registration is strongly recommended from February events onward. The popularity of Future Golf’s offerings speaks volumes about the growing and continued interest in golfing your own way.