24 January 2024

Future Golf and TaylorMade Extend Partnership into 2024

Future Golf, Australia’s largest golf club community, is excited to announce the extension of its successful and long standing partnership with TaylorMade which heads into its fifth year.

TaylorMade will continue its incredible support for Future Golf’s event series, as it looks to extend to over 250 events across six states with more than 11,650 attendances in 2023. These engaging events and tour series serve as a testament to the commitment of both Future Golf and TaylorMade to foster a thriving golf community that welcomes players at all stages of their golfing journey.

Future Golf members will continue to be able to unlock exclusive opportunities around TaylorMade product, experiences, and value-adding opportunities. TaylorMade will maintain its vital roles as the Future Golf’s Exclusive Equipment Partner, Naming Rights Partner of FG Tour, Exclusive Presenting Partner of FG Tour, and Future Golf Series Sponsor.

“In extending our partnership with TaylorMade, we’re not just enhancing the golfing experience; we’re continuing to build and develop a community while offering access to the best range of golf products. A key pillar of the Future Golf experience is our inclusive events, and TaylorMade is front and centre in helping us bring people together of all skill levels, making golf everybody’s game,” said CEO Ali Terai.

“We are particularly thrilled about TaylorMade sponsoring our first event in 2024 as we head into our 10th year as a company. It underscores our shared commitment to creating unforgettable experiences and further solidifies our partnership’s impact on the future of golf.

General Manager of TaylorMade Pacific, Ty Auret expressed his enthusiasm about the extended partnership, stating, “We at TaylorMade are excited about continuing our relationship with Future Golf into 2024. As a brand, we continue to push boundaries in product innovation making the game easier and more enjoyable for all golfers. It’s in this pursuit of innovation that the synergies between TaylorMade and Future Golf collide. We love the concept and opportunities Future Golf provides and it’s an important pathway in getting people to play golf and remain in the ecosystem. Their passion for golf is profound and know that together we can provide a unique experience and elevate the fun aspect this amazing game has to offer.”

About Future Golf:
Future Golf is a vibrant, inclusive community for golf enthusiasts of all levels. It provides members with an avenue to play golf in a relaxed, supportive environment. Upholding values of freedom, diversity, growth and connection, Future Golf goes beyond the sport, fostering personal growth and building relationships. For more information, visit

About TaylorMade:
In the spring of 1979 a golf equipment salesman named Gary Adams took out a $24,000 loan on his home and founded the TaylorMade Golf Company. He rented a 6,000 square-foot building that at one time housed a television assembly plant. Counting him, there were three employees and a single, innovative product: a 12-degree driver cast of stainless steel. This new metalwood looked and sounded different from a wooden wood, and most important, it performed differently. The clubhead’s perimeter-weighting offered greater forgiveness on mis-hits, while the lower center of gravity made it easier to launch the ball in the air. Adams, the son of a golf professional, was adamant that TaylorMade clubs maintain ties to what true golfers perceived an authentic golf club should look and feel like. They were committed to combining innovation with authenticity, to always be passionate about the game, and pledged to be competitive – to work hard to establish itself and grow. These four tenets would take them far.
The same values singled out 30 years ago by Gary Adams are still revered and practiced today at TaylorMade as we continue to deliver products that help players of all skill levels reach their potential. Since 1979 our mission has remained the same: Create the Best Performing Golf Products in the World.