Future Golf Team

Meet some of the Future Golf Team...

Ali Terai


Future Golf was launched from Ali’s couch in 2014. At the time it was said to be the stupidest idea ever heard (read our story here).

Four years on, Future Golf has become one of Australia’s largest and most engaged golf communities.

While he’s both un-coordinated and un-talented, he somehow managed to be one of the only people in the world to have both a day golf and night golf hole-in-one to his name.

Ali also holds the title of the most laconic CEO ever and you will never see this guy stressed, regardless of how hard the team try.

Jon Perrett


For the son of a famous golf course designer, he really should be better at knowing his way around one!

He’s more connected to golf than Tom Cruise is to Scientology which makes his current handicap no excuse.

Madeline Ross


Maddy would be best described as a pre-beginner golfer. She has a current handicap of 45. On a good day.

She comes from a background in training and presenting so she’s hard to keep quiet and is banned from attending some meetings.

Rohan Adams


Rohan joined when the club was just a month old and is now our General Manager

He has calf muscles that need to be seen to be believed and he makes the healthiest food choices of anyone in the team. He was previously an accountant so he also knows his way around an abacus.

Adam Wallace


Like most of the team, Adam unknowingly became a staff member when he tried to attend his first event as a member in 2016. His brother Jarrod somehow roped him into running the event and he’s been part of the furniture ever since. Affectionately known as Wally, he generally likes to cycle or run 200km’s before golf, where he will proceed to drop-kick a driver off the first tee. He is by far the friendliest member of the team and looks after all things related to humans, events, partners and members.

Jeremy Szelag


Jeremy made the mistake of reaching out via a LinkedIn post offering to help out with a few things. We said “Sure, let’s see what you can do”. He then proceeded to optimise everything he touched and I guess we haven’t tried to stop him since. Jeremy looks after all things marketing, operations and tech. If something is working well, it’s probably because Jez has gotten around to fixing it. On the course the best way we’ve heard his swing described is “Wow! That’s some serious swing speed…but why isn’t the ball going very far?”.

Pratik Dhody


We're not sure how many hats one person can wear, but we do know that Teeks wears the most! For as long as we can remember, Teeks has been our Tech team. Fixing the things that don't work and developing innovations to make the experience better for our members. He recently turned his backyard into a putting green, is always getting lessons and you'll often find him on the range 'working on his swing'. We're not sure if he actually plays any golf, but we do know that he practises a lot.

Chris Kennedy


When CK joined the team, he had mythological status as we'd never met him in person. In our heads he assumed the persona of 'Moustache Chris', a mysterious Tech lord who enigmatically weaved his magic with a keyboard, like it's a Samurai sword. Once we met CK that persona was shattered and we found a gentle soul who has a strange passion for taking nature photography on course. Potentially golf's next David Attenborough.

Why Future Golf exists

Our mission to grow the game

Future Women Initiative – Move the needle 5%

The R&A estimate women’s golf could represent a $35b missed opportunity. It is often put in the too hard, too big and too expensive to fix basket.

Our Story

How we almost pulled the pin on our “stupid idea”…

We wanted to create a golf community that was relaxed, where we didn’t feel out of place or embarrassed. A club that encouraged mateship linked by the game of golf.