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From beginner to addict, we've got you covered!

The Social

You’ve been bitten by the golf bug and you’re keen for more…

The Golfer

You're someone who loves and prioritises your golf (sometimes over friends and family).

The Addict

If golf is your addiction, consider Future Golf your enabler.

How Future Golf works

Simply put, we’re a golf community and pathway that allows our members to access, learn and play golf in a relaxed, supportive and friendly environment.

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What we’re about

“Future Golf makes golf an all inclusive game for all abilities.”

Chris, Victoria
Member since 2018

Our mission is to grow the game of golf by connecting our partners with our engaged community. We provide our members with on and off course benefits, over the top value and flexible playing options.

You’ll get so much from a Future Golf membership, you won’t even want the steak knives thrown in!

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I’m new to golf

Perfect, we’ll be gentle. We can guide you from total beginner to Tiger Woods*

*This is not guaranteed

I’m not new to golf

Then you're in the right place. Prepare to have as much fun as John Daly in a Las Vegas casino!

“…it has opened my eyes to a new way of enjoying it. No uptight members, no massive joining fees, a welcoming atmosphere…. Perfect!”

David, South Australia
Member since 2018

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Future Golf has been awarded the prestigious 2019 Telstra Business Award!

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