getting my handicap

How do I go about getting my handicap?

If you are getting a handicap for the first time, or your handicap has become inactive, we require three or more signed scorecards.

If you’ve had a handicap previously, we will transfer it using your Golf Link number and thus you will retain your playing history without needing to submit any score cards. If you can't remember it email and then let us know the number to set you up.

For your 3 cards, the details we need to be clearly visible on the cards are:
· Your name
· The score for each hole - Stroke and Stableford Points using Handicap of 36 (If you know stableford rules are here
· The date of the game
· The marker’s signature
· The name of the course
· The tees you played from

If any of these aren’t clear, write them on the card yourself before submitting.

Once complete please submit your card by logging into the member portal.

Signing the card: For these to be used you must play your round with someone with a Golflink Number who signs your cards.

Myth busted: The person signing the card just needs a golflink number not an official handicap.

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Due to the current restrictions on golf placed by the Victorian government. It is unlikely until restrictions are lifted further that most of our partners will be able to provide free rounds.

We encourage our members to support our partners by booking and paying for rounds directly as the golf industry gets back on its feet.

Your handicap and ability to submit social rounds (even with no competition golf allowed) is still available to all members, and we encourage you to still submit rounds towards your handicap!

Thanks again for your support and understanding.